You need to pay $27,000 but now do it’s a quarter to maintenance and you’ve got to pay the 27th bells and don’ts. What? Replacing the parking lot and fix an air conditioning unit. 15 story building. You lease out an entire floor so you have to pay one 50 of the amount of, dude, I’m going out of the blue 27 grand. I only have like, you know, 150 grand in my bank account. You want 27 of it right now to fix the parking lot and the AC unit. Absolutely it take so you can pay by the end of the day. We do check the cash the way with the flexor that you could use for Tulsa Personal Training.

You’re not given eviction process by the way. There’s a horse head. Then your passenger side of your car. The vehicle. A man in the weeds will be up front with the lead pipe and put the money in the bag. You give a character. What the fuck? I’m like so quick, but I have to pay 27 grand by the end of today. Who are you calling me up? The landlord. You call me snakes. Snakes. You’re calling yourself sneaks. I don’t even know who you are. Seriously. Why do I have to pay 27 grand? Normal questions. But if we sit down with the fishes, got some concrete shoes or whatever the Christmas had bought you some concrete shoes to justice size.

I’ll be upstairs in a two minutes. Try him on. You want to turn him off? No. Have you dance around in the river bottom by the way, as I mentioned, my led puck and don’t worry about the whole set. All the blood will eventually come up after we light your vehicle and fire. So can I pay like is there any flexibility? Absolutely. You could just pay or not pay. You don’t pay. Don’t worry about it because we want to cap. Take your head and put your head next to the horse head. It’d be a nice souvenir to remember the wife for times of collitus. I’m going, okay. Okay. I’ll pay. But seriously Tulsa Personal Training is here to make a better life for you.

Now the shake there was crazy. I did not know what was going to happen. Right. Has this ever happened to you before? You were at a common or a maintenance charge before Clint, and not, not that much, but it freaks me out. I didn’t know what was going on. It was crazy. That’s crazy. So if you’re out there, I mean, imagine your transmission goes out in your car. Have you had that happen before Jason? Oh yeah. Last February was a, how much did that cost? Um, so total in repairs last February I spent about $2,300. Fix my Explorer. But you’re driving around just having a good old time. What kind of music do you listen to when you’re driving around?

Uh, it varies, but right now I’m on a big Wu Tang click kick. Are you really? Okay. So you might be listening to Wu Tang and, uh, let’s go with, uh, let’s say this is what you’re listening to. You’re driving around. Listen to Wu Tang here. Okay, so you’re driving around. Let me break it up here. So you’re having a good time. Would this be something you’re listening to? Oh, absolutely. Okay. Let me, let me queue it up here. Like this son over with this one in that one pulling it, all of a sudden, sudden your vehicle just stopped. Happened to me the day before Valentine’s day. And you’re like, what does that sound when you plan a visit to Tulsa Personal Training?

Dream foot and seat. Who was a failure? See you stop. You somehow get to a, where did you go to get it fixed by the way? Uh, so I actually had to have it towed to Christian brothers. And when you took your car to Christian brothers, what did they tell you? They did the initial um, uh, what would you call it? Like the estimates, just to diagnose everything that happened. And what was cool was they sent me a, it was like a timeline of everything. Every time they checked something, I would get an update. And then I got a comprehensive report and said, okay, here’s issue one through 13 and here’s how much it costs separately. And then here’s the full total. And they’re a good company by the culture. But there’s the fund company. Yeah, but you’re saying that, how much was it total? Uh, to get, uh, OK, so let’s, let’s walk back here to fix the ignition coil. The serpentine belts and the fuses. That was all $1,700. What?

So we get you’re in your car driving and listen to the Lieutenant. Yep. That’d be good. Oh I this song, the method man. Okay, so you’re getting pulled over and what happens again? You get pulled out, you’re driving, you, you pull over cause it’s not working. You drive it at Christian brothers and it’s how much it was a 1700 to get it drivable. Oh snap. Now imagine that happens to your business and to make your business, your leasing space for Tulsa Personal Training.

You don’t realize that the common area maintenance, Clint, I think a lot of people don’t realize when you lease a space, if you’re paying cam common area maintenance, people don’t realize how expensive it is. Oh no, they, most people have no idea, no idea. All the expenses that are, that you have utilities and things that people just don’t really think about Tulsa Personal Training.

What are other areas where you have coaching a younger version of yourself, a younger you who’s opening up a gym. If there’s listeners out there who are in the process of opening up a business and you were giving yourself advice to younger, to the younger version of yourself, what are some other tips you would give yourself? Um, I think the biggest thing is following your passion for Tulsa Personal Training.

You don’t think sometimes people get into an industry or a business cause it sounds fun. Um, or I just think they’re going to make a lot of money and it just really sounds like it’d be cool. Yeah, you’ve got to really have a, have a passion and truly, truly want to be successful and hopefully you’re doing something that you, that you enjoy. Uh, cause you’ve got to realize it’s going to be, it’s not going to be up.