the rejection, it’s not possible to bed. We live in such a culture. Jason, have you heard this through? I want to sell memberships, but I have anxiety. Yeah. What does the anxiety mean? Um, I, I don’t want to get into the clinical term, but a lot of people nowadays just want to get into the clinical term. What does, what does anxiety mean to you though? To me, it’s um, if you have an overwhelming, uh, what’s the word I’m gonna stress. Call usnow if you need great Tulsa Personal Training.

So you get, you get stressed out based off of something. Let me read the snowball. Let me read the definition of anxiety. Okay. Yeah. Here we go. Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come. The first day of school, going to a job, hosting a podcast, giving a speech. So as an example, let me explain to listeners right now, what’s going on with amazing Tulsa Personal Training today!

I used to stutter. What does that mean? It means that I couldn’t speak well until the age of about 13. So it means that I got made fun of all the time. Let me explain to you what stuttering is. You have this part of your brain. Just have you heard the term, the sign app? So you’ve heard about the sign apps? Yeah. Okay. So you have a part of your brain that it’s, it’s, it’s the junction between these two nerve cells, right? It’s consisting of, it’s like a minute gap across these parts of your brain. The point is when you struggle to speak, it’s because you can’t, your brain is overactive essentially. It’s moving at a rapid pace. So my brain moves at a certain pace, which turns out to be a superpower for a lot of things. Yeah, but it’s also a struggle zone for great Tulsa Personal Training.

So as an example, I am certainly not in this level. I’m watching this, this document right now, but we’re watching a documentary right now about bill Gates. Okay. Homeboy can read 150 pages per hour with a 90% retention. Holy crap. So he usually can get through an entire book in two hours. I just wow. 90% retention. So he has this thing called think weeks. He’ll disappear for a week and he’ll usually, he does this routinely. He’ll take a week off and he’ll, he’ll disappear with a bag.

I could kinda like a big old purse filled with books and he’ll read all of them during the week. It’s crazy. Now I have a little bit of dyslexia where I read and it takes me, like I’m reading right now, I’m rereading this book called profit first yesterday, which is a great book, by the way. And I’m on page 20 and this took me about three hours to get through these 20 pages that offer Tulsa Personal Training.

If you look at my notes, I definitely know it’s in the book, but it takes me about three hours, right? So I have anxiety when it comes to reading a fear of, I do not like to. Another example would be public speaking. I am afraid of public speaking. Why? Because if you’ve been made fun of as a kid over, I mean over and over and over, every time I tried to speak, it got worse.

And when you can’t say your own name, I would walk up to people and say, what’s your name? And I’d say C and I couldn’t say my own name. I would just get stuck in my own name. And they would make fun of you because they’re third graders. So when you’ve had that, and then we have a conference every two months. It’s the scariest freaking thing in the world, but it helps a lot of people use great Tulsa Personal Training.

So I look at right in the face and I say, fear, you’re not going to win today. And you say, how do you do that? Some people would call it Jesus. He just, Jesus probably. I also know people who are not Christians who overcome their fear. We have to say to your fear, fear, you’re not going to win today. Yup. I’m going to do it. And after about the first, I don’t know, eight hours, it’s less scary. Yeah. Day two’s less scary. Day one is a scary thing though, because you come to these conferences and you guys are there and you’re thinking, is he going to upsell me? Is he going to upsell me? Is any, there’s no trust for amazing.

And then after about the first day, you realize there’s no upsell and you’re sitting next to the guy next to you, like, have you been one of Clay’s clients? Does he upsale you? What’s the catch? Is there a catch? What’s he gonna do? How’s it going to do? It’s going to these going to screw you. And then after about two days of that, you leave resolve going, wow, I learned all this. Yeah. But Jason, you sense the tension when you first get there? Oh absolutely. People are a little bit skeptical. I get it. I’m even nervous when it comes to conference day. I’ll get there early to set up and then about 30 minutes for people to start to get there. I get, you know, kind of like the weird pit in my stomach. It’s like I haven’t been doing it since December. Right?

But for some reason I was like, Oh, we have all these extra entrepreneurs and somebody’s going to be like, well, can you really explain SEO? And I can, but it’s just like, well, and then at day two though, I come in just like full stride. But we could have like an anxiety camp where we could get together and go, ah, folks, today we’re not going to do any speaking because, um, I’m nervous and I have anxiety and so I’ve smoked a ton of pot. Uh, and it’s, it’s going to be a deal where I, I’m just going to be up here kind of in a vegetative state. Um, cue the audio please. Let’s, let’s put you up. Here we go with top Tulsa Personal Training.