So, um, as it relates to like elephant in the room, we do our weekly tracking. We have to sell at a certain percentage and every single Friday in front of the entire team, we review all three of the local shops numbers to see how we’re doing. There have been plenty of times where somebody will fall below the quota, which means we were not profitable for that. But that also means that if we’re not profitable for that week, that hurts our chances to franchise cause we have to operate at a certain percentage of profit from Tulsa Personal Training.

So then the next week comes around and like, okay, we’ve done training, let’s get us back to where we need to be. And they’re still not there. And I can kind of see that little like a, you do what I call like the thousand-yard stare where you see the number and then you kind of freeze for a second and you’re not looking at anybody. You’re looking like through them and past them and you’re like, mm, okay, what did we do? Cause we trained, how are we not here yet? So you give them one more chance and it comes and it’s week number three and you’re like, I don’t know what I have to do when it comes to Tulsa Personal Training.

If you can’t do it, I will find somebody who will. I remember you actually said that to me one time and when it came to getting Google reviews cause it was, we had just started working it into um, the manager’s job description and it was like two weeks in and I was getting maybe one or two until you asked me like, okay, are you, are you asking people what’s your biggest problem? Look, well, I’m afraid people are going to say no. They’re like, okay, well you can’t be afraid to, for people to say no that sales. So I’m going to give you one more week to do it, but if you can’t get reviews, I’m going to have to find somebody who can. And low and behold, I thought she probably started getting reviews. Now, um, were you at the meeting where I’ve publicly fired that lady?

I was standing right next to you. I was sitting at the table. Do you remember what I said? Yeah. You just, you, you literally walked over and you said, I’m grabbing things. You’re fired. And she said, excuse me. You said you heard me? I will personally ask coach you out, but you no longer work here. You are fired. And then what she say she was about to just explode your gun. No, no, no, no, no. It’s okay. You were just so we’re just going to go. It was a, it was beautiful. It was very well done. I’ve never seen somebody one publicly get fired within two. Have the person have the cahones to do it in the Vic? Nope. You’re not going to explode. I’m going to get you out of here. You can rant on Facebook all you want, but this is not happening in my place of business with amazing Tulsa Personal Training.

Now let’s talk about this. Were you at the meeting where the woman would not get off her smartphone and she would not show up on time and ended up with me calling her and asked, did you see that one? You can. It sounds, how long ago was that? Do you go ahead of me? About three years ago. Okay. Cause it sounds familiar, but it would’ve been like my infancy at elephant in the room. Okay.

What happened was this woman would knock it off her smartphone and uh, you guys were doing a training, I think you were there and you might have been in the conference room, but she would not get off her smart phone. She would not. And I told her, no smart phones and our meeting, it’s a policy. Do not bring your smart phones, be folks kept yawning, being very disrespectful of you and Katie and see what we have to offer you from amazing Tulsa Personal Training.

And there are people who work there, a third for managers. So I pulled her aside and I said, here’s the deal. You’re fired quite deep, one-on-one, privately. This is how I prefer to fire people. You know, pull them aside. Me and one other person present. Yeah. And she’s like, you can’t fire me. You can’t. You want you to be all crazy. I was like, okay, everybody real quick huddle, huddle, huddle. We’re firing this person for being an ass. Should I just want to get that out there ma’am, you’re an ass. You always have been a jerk about Tulsa Personal Training.

You like to yarn all the time. You’re lazy. Get outta here. You’re contaminating. And she was like, you’re going to hear from my lawyer. And I’m like, that’s awesome. Have him call me if you’re awesome. Get out of here ass face. You know what I mean? And so, but you know what, if we don’t hold people accountable, what would happen? We just fired a girl this week for being mopey. Mopey, constantly moping. Mope. Who’s a Coon Buka booth from the room. Who should be doing what the customers would say, how are you? And she’d say, almost done with my shift for great Tulsa Personal Training.

Why do I have to fire mopes we have to fire most because they ruin the energy like you can’t sell unless like Clint was saying, like you were saying, you had to believe in your product, but you also have to have a certain level of enthusiasm. Because if I were to be selling to you and I’m just telling you about it, or like if Clint selling a gym membership, cause like you said, people inherently don’t want to do that because it’s hard. So they have to believe based off of your energy that it’s something they want to do. Like, Oh this guy’s fired up, I’m getting fired up.

But if he just went into like, well if you want to get fit, you have to eat this and you have to work out really hard, nobody’s going to buy that. Okay. Now Jason, I put it notable quotable at the top of the agenda there and I’d like for you to be able to share that notable quotable with the listeners.