I have like inflammation in my knee that’s gone. So that was super helpful. But it was awesome. One of the questions I wanted to ask you that I forgot to ask last week was let’s say you’re somebody who has a crazy schedule. You still want to fit time in to work out, but you only have like the early hours of the morning or evening. And let’s say you can’t get to a gym in that time. So if you’re working out at home, what are some essentials that you should have as far as like resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, what, what would you recommend for like the basic at home? Oh, the basics. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. You don’t need a lot of equipment. That’s the biggest thing. I think a lot of people over complicated. They think if they can’t get to a gym, a workout for an hour or have a trainer, whatever, they can’t do anything for Tulsa Personal Training.

And certainly that’s not the case. I mean, you can work out at home having a pair of dumbbells, medium, you know, medium weight dumbbells. A bands are so versatile. We, we do a lot of stuff with bands and just body weight. I mean, certainly you think of doing pushups and squats and lunges. Uh, those are just basic movements you can do for Tulsa Personal Training. You can jump and jacks and certainly you can scale it to your fitness level. But, uh, you know, 2030 minutes is all you need. You need to do some type of stray training. You know, you can say just walk is a good way to get started, but doing no, just a quick total body workouts.

They, if I do push ups, I had dumbbells, I can do some Rose curls, some squats, lunges, and just knock those out. You know, we do a lot of super sets or, or um, you know, Trost sets. We’ll do two or three exercises, just knock them out. And the best thing is like that. It’s to do it in the morning with great Tulsa Personal Training. So you’ve got it done. You don’t have to think about the rest of the day. It increases your metabolism and there’s a sense of accomplishment that you’ve got it finished.

Okay? If you’re out there today, again, your, your body is what you feed it with. Your bind is also what you feed it. So I want to leave you here today with some great action items for everybody out there. Um, one on a very practical level, do not sign a lease unless you’ve had a broker or a lawyer. Look at that lease too. Don’t let other people define your goals. Clint, you mentioned that someone was encouraging you to open up more and more locations. And my clients all the time will tell me, dude, thank you for not putting your goals on me all the time to get amazing Tulsa Personal Training. People say you should open up a fourth elephant in the room. I’m not gonna do that ever. Why? Cause I don’t want to. You should open up an elephant in the room for women. Not going to do it.

You should open up another company. I am not going to do it. You saw this, I won’t mention the company, but you saw this Jason yesterday. We had somebody we’re working with who pays me a percentage of the gross revenue to grow their company and I do that deal all the time, right? But I am not going to open up another LLC. I’m not going to. People think I should. I got called from a very, very large chamber of commerce a few weeks ago to speak. Not going to do it. Uh, I got a text message on Friday from a very large Christian men’s organization asking me to speak for top Tulsa Personal Training.

This is so funny. The irony of this blows my mind. I called the guy very, very nice. That’s why I said to him, okay, I said, Hey, is this yada yada? Yeah, this is clay. Hey, I appreciate the invite. I just, I don’t do public speaking anymore, but I appreciate that when you get great Tulsa Personal Training. And he’s like, but clay, there’s so many men in Tulsa that could really benefit from hearing your story. And it’s, I know, and I’ve got a podcast where I do more content than anyone else in America,

you know? I mean, seriously, I do nine shows a week minimum. And you know this, I release a pro on John and Vanessa only let me release nine but we’re doing, we’re pre recorded through like February. But yesterday we got done and I didn’t even think about it go. We just recorded like a solid week of content right there. He’s like, Whoa. Yeah. I mean I put out, you know, I record at least probably 15 hours a week of content.

Oh Mary Elise, like nine hours a week. I told the guy, I have a podcast which anybody can, can listen to. I have a workshop every two months you can come to. But he’s like, but clay, there’s just a lot of guys and I think sometimes you got to stand up for your faith. And I’m going, let me explain to you about this little group that I know of.

Cause I know a few people in your group, they’re divorced and I’m not. You know why? Cause I’m with my wife when I’m not at work and I’m not going to go talk to the dude’s. They can come to my workshop and he just could not get off it. I told the guy no multiple times. And again, you just gotta be, don’t let other people put their goals on you. Another action step for today, develop a morning routine where every morning you listen to something positive, you eat something positive and you do something positive to start your day for top Tulsa Personal Training.

Just every day. Listen to positive things, you know, eat positive things and as if you’re, you know, hanging out with Clinton if you work out, make it happen. But you just, we’ve got to have a real morning routine. Next action item. Get up every day and make it to do list and a calendar.