I mean, the guy’s just awesome, awesome guy. Then after that, we had a six o’clock meeting with a morning Delore. Yup. The a business based in Florida. It’s a breakfast eatery. The owners of that also owned Papa, gallows pizzeria and satellite beach, Florida. Then we did what? Then we recorded a podcast. After the podcast I did some a agenda type thing. And you put out burning fires. Yup. And then we did what? And then we recorded more podcasts and then we did what with Tulsa Personal Training?

And then we did a onboarding session and then we did point assessments 30 minutes after. Then we did one and then we did the interview with DJ Casper, the DJ Casper, the guy who wrote the, uh, the song, the cha cha slide. Then we did what? Then after that we parted ways. And uh, I would assume you tackled your, your to do, let me tell you what I did yesterday because I’ve got a list here and I wrote it down on my list and this show is going to come out after Christmas so my wife can’t eat.

She won’t even know what’s what I’m saying right now. It’s awesome. There you go. So I went to see’s candy to get her favorite kind of gluten free chocolate. Nice. Then I went to the bookstore and got her a Joyce Meyers book and then I went to bed, bath and beyond. I tried to, but they’ve replaced it with another store. What? We’re at the top of over there by the mall. It’s gone now. It’s like, it’s like a Nordstrom rack or something.

Now get out of here. And I went to Victoria’s secret. I’m noticed that there they have it just, it’s like a, you gotta get there early. Cause I went there like mid day and like all their underwear was mixed up and I’m like, I gotta get out here. So I’m going back again this morning. I’m gonna get in there right away, underwear I need for Tulsa Personal Training.

Um, then I went, I hate, I mean if you go in there, by the way, this is my tip for Victoria’s secret step one. If you have to go there, go in early because you get there first. Everything’s organized and there’s no one who’s there to make eye contact with you. Sure. God, there’s too many people there and you’re like trying to buy your wife stuff and the woman next to you is looking for stuff for herself and it’s just a weird, it’s a weird deal.

It’s like being in an elevator with a third party, like a half hour. It’s a weird vibe. Then, um, I went to, uh, get my wife some shoes. I got some really nice workout shoes, you know, and I have a list of things I got her and it’s on my list. It’s on my list. The things I got, my wife were on my list of Tulsa Personal Training.

Now you might say, well, when did you check your smartphone? Jason? What’d you think? I checked my smart phone yesterday. Well seeing as how it was a Saturday, never bright. Right. And I turned my phone on a Monday. What’s going to happen? It’s going to blow up. Oh yeah, I’ve, I have been on the receiving end of that. Well, a couple of Sundays ago you’re like, Hey, I need you to send this. How to take it off airplane mode. I tend to take my phone off of airplane mode to send someone a message. And you saw it happen. I couldn’t even hit send because just notification after notification after notification. Now, Clint, you talked about listening to something positive. What kind of stuff do you listen to? Um, you know, on the way to work that’s positive. What would be, what would be in your wheelhouse? Uh, yeah, so I listened to a lot of Tony Robbins that uses Tulsa Personal Training.

He’s a, someone I’ve studied since I was probably in high school. Um, I love your podcast. Certainly I listened to your plug for your, sure. Uh, Brendon Burchard, who’s another account of a mindset, high performance top guy. I’m in audio books. I mean there’s different books I’m listen to, but I’m more into podcasts right now. So those are things, and sometimes I’ll listen to music. This, you know, uplifting if I’m in the mood for it. But for the most part it’s his podcast, motivating mindset type stuff. Maybe a business podcast. And these are things we don’t talk about on the show enough, Jason. But yesterday I listened to the Oprah, uh, her podcast or masterclass, her interview with Justin Timberlake. I listened to that one. I listened to her own story of how she became successful. Um, I listened to, um, Lauren Michaels, the, he’s the guy who runs Saturday night live for amazing Tulsa Personal Training.

I listened to his interview with Oprah just yesterday, and I do this every day. I mean, every day. I don’t, I don’t ever stop. It’s just where I do. I don’t, I couldn’t imagine turning on talk radio and listening to people argue about politics. I just couldn’t imagine that being my life. Um, and then I listened to this this morning while I was getting ready for work. I’ll cue it up this way. Listen to this morning and I’ll play the whole thing because I listened to this whole thing this morning and about, I don’t know, five 30, or I guess it’d be a, uh, we started at Forrest about three 30 this morning for my Tulsa Personal Training.

I was listening to this and let me queue it up here. This is Carlton Pearson. let me try again. Here we go. Father, farther along. Come on. Come on. anybody been there? to be all right after awhile. [inaudible] make more sense later. Come on. Say it all things work together for good to them that love God. Call a quarter.