You know, it’s just all great days. You’re going to be have ups and downs and headaches and frustrations and challenges. Um, but I think besides that, realizing the, um, the amount of work it’s going to take, like we’ve talked a lot about, you know, we put in 18 hour days, I’m still work a ton. It’s not, it’s not easy. It’s very, very challenging for Tulsa Personal Training.

Now for the listeners out there that, uh, Jason haven’t read a lot of Napoleon Hill, I think it’s my job to break down great books and deconstruct them into bite sized chunks that you can immediately implement as soon as possible. So I’m making sure we get some action steps out of today’s show. Okay, so actually the step number one, I want to make sure we’re getting this idea one do not. And, but let’s make sure you type these down here. Okay. It’s actually not a number one. Do not lease any space ever unless you fully understand what’s in that lease. So have a an attorney or a real estate broker. Look at that lease before you sign the lease. That’s actually not a number one too. Don’t ever start a business unless you know how to sale. Sell something. If you can’t sell, your business will not go well when it comes to Tulsa Personal Training.

Do not do not call me about buying. We had somebody who wanted to buy an elephant in the room franchise and they came to shadow and they literally asked me this question. This guy was a former school teacher and if you’re listening at you, I’m sorry I’m not trying to rip on you. I’m trying to help. True story. He says, don’t you think if you just put an iPad up front and people could sign up themselves for a membership, that would be more effective. What Jason, why would it not be more effective just to put an iPad up front? He goes, he said, can’t you just have your people sign up online for a membership and can’t people just sign up upfront and why don’t you just put it in like a drip campaign so people will sign up upfront? What would happen if we did that one with Tulsa Personal Training?

Nobody would do it right. I mean, it’s like, even if it’s, even if you have like the most perfect, no brainer ever. Sorry for every business owner out there, but most people aren’t gonna fill out the form because they’ll start typing big. Oh God, my thumb. This is hard. Ah, but also at the same time too, if you just gave people full autonomy to sign up, they’re going to pull the same thing every time. We didn’t know what I was starting to go forward. Nobody walked me through. It was the same thing when I worked for um, a rental car agency people, they put a touch pad in front of the customer service person and instead of walking them through it, they said, Oh, just follow the steps on there. And the customer will automatically upsell themselves to buying insurance. Oh yeah. You get the LDW, the PDW you lost damage from Tulsa Personal Training.

Well, whatever the acronyms are. And then 20 year old Jason’s working customer service, getting F bombs thrown at him left and right and back. That’s 1600 extra dollars for crap. I didn’t need. What does a pike past? Unbelievable. All right, so let’s read a Napoleon Hill quote to everybody. Jason, you see that highlighting green right there? It’s kind of midway through the notes there. You see that in there? A little notebook? Yes. Yes, because a lot of people out there want to be the new Clint Howard. True. We want to start our own business.

We want to be successful, but the time’s just not right. Nope. You know, it’s like, I want to do it. I got a Patriots game tonight. I got to watch that game. Then after that game, it’s like, I want to do it, but we have a family vacation coming up and I want to start a business, but then I’ve got a trip planned and I want to get to the conference for Tulsa Personal Training.

I want to attend the thrive time show conference. I’ve read the reviews and I’ve been meaning to get to it. I’ve been meeting ever since I can remember. I’ve been meaning. I’ve been wanting to, but we have some excuses. Jason, please read these excuses. Please read the notable quotable from Napoleon Hill. Please. People who do not succeed have one distinguishing trait in common. Yes. They know all the reasons for failure and have what they believe to be an airtight alibi, to explain their own lack of achievement.

If I had the money, if I could get the job, if I had been given a chance, if I were only younger, yes. If I were only older, if I only had a better education, if I could just save more money. If I lived in a big city, if I were not so fat, if my talents were known, if I didn’t have a past, if I had my own business, if I had the courage. Now there are new excuses that we’ve come up with as a culture that I’d like to share with everybody with a little bit of passion that you can use for Tulsa Personal Training.

I would love to be successful except by having anxiety. I have a fear as really had you heard this, Clinton, I’ve heard this [inaudible] anxiety as it relates to centers. I hear that a lot. I have anxiety sooner. I smoke a lot of pot and now I do finger paintings and live in my parents’ basement. Anxiety people had come up with, I have anxiety about having anxiety. Don’t be an entrepreneur. It’s the side. There’s so many NFL players right now who are running out their plate linebacker. And if you’re on the NFL field and you’re playing linebacker, you’re gonna get hit and you’re gonna hit somebody. So if you want to be an NFL, it’s a contact sport. If you want to be self employed and to be successful, your success will always be just a fiction. If you fear what Jason Frickson, if you fear the friction, your success will always be a fixed. If you say, I want to be successful, but I just don’t want any rejection and just don’t want