We all know the saying, “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail” so we prepare and plan for everything in life. Our calendars seem endlessly filled in with things to do and upcoming events. From kid’s activities and family events to work conferences and meetings, sometimes it seems there is no end in sight. However, there is one area we sometimes forget to plan for and that is our health. Often times we set health and fitness goals but we don’t make the necessary plans to achieve them. Just like everything else we have to be intentional in our planning because after all if we fail to plan, we plan to fail.

First let’s talk about planning healthy food choices. It is easy to go with the flow and eat out too much and grab stuff on the go. You have to choose to plan and it takes effort. Here are 3 tips to help you plan healthy choices:

1. At the beginning of the week take a look at your calendar. If you know in advance that you have a scheduled event or meeting that involves food you can plan accordingly. For example, if I know I have a meeting and the food option is going to be limited and not very healthy, I will eat a small snack before the meeting. This helps hold me over until I can get eat after or if it is inappropriate to not eat I’m not starved and it is easier to say no to the bread before the meal or the dessert after.
2. Prepare your food ahead of time. For me breakfast is the easiest one to prepare for. There are several quick fool proof options. Yogurt and fruit, apple and peanut butter, eggs and lean meat and if all else fails and I’m running late I can grab a healthy protein bar on the go. Lunch can be more complicated because we have lots of options. The best way is to make your lunch the night before and have it ready to take with you to work. Pre-portion snacks and only take enough with you to eat for the day. I’ve found that if I have too many options available boredom eating can occur. So I take two snacks with me packed in my lunch. Dinner can be the trickiest especially since this is often times the busiest time of the day. So plan your meals early in the week. Do your grocery shopping on the weekend or at time when you aren’t rushed and you can adequately prepare healthy dinners.
3. Stock up on healthy food choices and throw out the temptations. If your pantry is full of not so healthy options chances are you are going to eat some not so healthy things. So plan to throw out the temptations and stock up on things that are good for you.

Like with anything in life exercise doesn’t just happen you have to plan for it. If you just do it when you get around to it, you might never get around to it. Here are a few ways to help you get your workout into your regular routine.

1. Regularly schedule your workout times. If we don’t plan on working out it won’t happen. We make commits and other appointments that can quickly consume our time. Take out the guess work and literally schedule your workout times on your calendar. When you go to schedule other appointments you will be reminded of the commitment you made to yourself and your health goals and be more likely to schedule around your workouts. When you do have to schedule something during a normal workout time, immediately reschedule your workout and get it on the calendar.
2. Prepare for your workout. If you workout in the morning layout your workout clothes and have everything ready to go the night before. If you workout after work pack a bag with your clothes and go straight to your workout session. Sometimes if we make time to go home we get busy and end up missing our workouts. By preparing your physical things for your workout; clothes, water bottle, towel, etc. you are also mentally preparing your mind for your workout.
3. Plan to workout with someone else. Sometimes it is easy to cancel on yourself but if you plan to workout with a friend you are less likely to cancel because you don’t want to let them down. Plan your workouts with your spouse. I know many of our clients have children and they have to plan their workouts accordingly. Schedule your workouts with your spouse and make it possible for each other to workout.

When it comes to being successful in weight loss and fitness goals, exercise and eating right are the two most important things. If you eat right and exercise you can achieve your goals.

When it comes to planning and weight loss and fitness goals, exercise and eating right can be your two biggest challenges but if you plan what you eat, and plan when exercise, you can achieve your goals.

What are your plans for this week going to be? Write them down and make them happen. Remember…A failure to plan is planning to fail.

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P.S. – Don’t Fail to Plan!!