“Find Your Why”

This is a phrase I often tell people when we’re talking about accountability, staying motivated, keeping on track of your fitness program…

I got news this week that an old high school classmate and friend had passed away.

He died of a heart attack.

He was unhealthy, overweight, and didn’t take care of himself. And unfortunately he’s now dead of a heart attack while still in his 30’s. So terrible.

I often talk about health benefits such as fat loss, looking better in your swimsuit, getting lean and tone, etc. All those are great- but there are so many important benefits to working out and being healthy and having an overall better quality of life and a longer life.

Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other sicknesses and diseases are very much lifestyle related and there are things you can do to stay healthy.

Take ownership and responsibility for your body and your health. Eat healthy, workout regularly, weaponize and bulletproof your body.

If you don’t take care of your own self, or if you’re not here, you can’t take care of anyone else.

“Find Your WHY. Do The Work. Make it a priority and don’t ever give up or stop.”

You’re worth it. Your family and those close to you are worth it.

If you feel you’re at a point in your life where you need more help, or if you have questions on anything regarding your own personal health & fitness- reply back to this email and let me know. I’d love to help.

Have a great weekend and live inspired,

Master Coach