Believe it or not, we are exactly half-way through the 2014 year. Now that is scary.

If you step-back exactly 6 months ago, many of you were filling out your “Annual Roadmaps & Strategic Plans” for the year. At the very least, I bet you set some strong intentions and goals for your year.

Maybe your goals dealt with your career. Or finances. Or improving your health. Or dream vacations you wished to take. Or relationships you wanted to create or see improve.

This week our WOW is going to be TRANSITIONS.

With it being half-way through the year, now is the perfect time to stop, reflect, and see what still needs to change. What transitions do you need to make?

Maybe the changes are small. Maybe they are big.

The changes could be physical. Mental/emotional. Spiritual. Relational. Professional/Career.

Regardless, all change involves transition and vice-versa.

I want to make sure I point out that I recognize change/transition can be difficult. Trust me I know. And I don’t ever just suggest change for the sake of change. It has to make sense on all levels.

But transitions are inevitable also.

If there are things in your life that you keep saying over and over that you are going to do (lose weight, create a certain product/program, become an author or a speaker, take a special trip, do this, do that, etc.), what are you waiting for? Seriously, what are you waiting for?

At the same time, I know many people are already in times of transitions right now.

Transitions in the workplace.

Transitions in phases of life.

Transitions with family.

Transitions with relationships.

Transitions personally.

Realize that in times of transition, there are many uncertainties. And that can be scary.

But that’s also life. And I submit that is also the beauty of LIVING. There is ying & yang. There is light & dark. There is sun & rain. There are peaks & valleys. And there is winning & losing. Andwithout one, you can’t appreciate the other. Ultimately, life’s continued challenge is to embrace the new opportunities, possibilities for personal growth, and unexpected new adventures that TRANSITIONS provide.

As we are at “half-time” of the 2014 year and you go back to the drawing board for the rest of your year, what changes can you make to better improve the quality of your life?

Maybe it comes down to getting back to your best practices. “Reading” 30+ minutes a day on personal development, cleaning up your diet, including more cardio with your program, getting bodywork more regularly.

Or maybe it has to do directly with your profession or career. Change doesn’t necessarily mean you need to quit your job and go elsewhere. Sometimes people think it takes extreme measures to change. Not always. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

Maybe it just requires more effort on your end to create the change you wish to see within your organization.

Maybe you can become the social media director within your brand. Or contribute to posting blogs. Or run all on-line content. Or manage the website. Or maybe you want nothing to do with any of that.

But maybe you need to can get outside the four walls of your facility or business to connect with more prospects and get more clients?

Or maybe you need to reach out more to existing customers to assist with client retention?

Or maybe you need to deliver more “and then some” customer service?