You probably already know that I take continuing education very seriously and everything we do at TFS has a purpose and meaning and we don’t do things out of randomness or generic or outdated programs that are so common in our industry.

And with that said, one of the newest and most exciting things we’ve started offering at TFS is Small Group Personal Training. We’ve been offering this for a couple months now to our new clients and the results we’re seeing are phenomenal.

Our flagship program at TFS is our large group training program, what we now call Team Training AfterBurn and it will always be our primary flagship group training program. But we’ve found that many people are also wanting and needing a little more personalization and individualized attention as well.

And this is where our new Small Group Personal Training program comes in if you feel it’s something you may want or need.

So you’re probably asking “so what exactly is your Small Group Personal Training Program?”

You will get a customized training program and be working out in our new back private training room in a much smaller group of 2-4 people. We will design your training program and all your workouts based on your specific goals and what we find from your Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and fitness assessment/consultation.

In this personalized setting, you will be exposed to more hands-on intensive coaching while focusing on your specific goals and allowing you to take full advantage of our expert training staff.

Small Group Personal Training is perfect for our clients with very specific goals, any type of injuries or aches or pains, and those who do not prefer to work in larger groups or just want to get more individualized attention and training on the side.

I’ll be sending out more information on this new program we’re now offering but I wanted to get some information out to you now as we’re currently running a limited-time special to all current TFS clients where you can get the Functional Movement Screen and Goal-Setting Consultation along with 4 Small Group Personal Training sessions! Honestly the Functional Movement Screen and Consultation is worth way more than $69 and you get to try out our new Small Group Personal Training for 4 training sessions! This is something I honestly want EVERY TFS client we have to take advantage of so that’s why I made it only $69. Then we can see how you move and if you’ve got any physical restrictions from the results of your movement screen, talk to you in more detail about your fitness goals, and have you try out our Small Group Personal Training for 4 sessions and see if this is something you feel that you need and would like to continue doing. And if not, no worries as it won’t be something every client will want or need. But I know many do as I’ve been getting asked about this for a long time now.

And clients who are doing our Small Group Training are also still doing our Team Training AfterBurn. Small Group Training is just an add-on for most people to do 1-2x/week in addition to our regular Team Training.

There is limited availability on what we can schedule so the sooner you let me know the better!

We’re very excited about everything we’re offering here at TFS to help you with your health & fitness! We’ve been working extremely hard behind the scenes on all of this for awhile now and I think you’re going to really like and benefit from all the new things we’re now bringing you.